1st SAARC Young Parliamentarians Conference on Peace and Harmony for Development


  1. Inaugural Session 1st SAARC PARLIAMENTARIANS CONFERENCE - Young Parliamentarians for Peace and Harmony for Development
    1. Strengthening Democratic Institutions in South Asia
    2. Parliamentary Caucusing – case studies of South Asia
  3. Working Sessions on
    1. Parliamentary Bye Laws – challenges and prospects of greater oversight of Executive
    2. Inter Parliamentary Linkages
    3. SAARC Sustainable Development Goals – Tackling Inequality to encourage emancipation
      1. Education and Skills Development
      2. Regional Health Challenges – devising joint strategy to secure universal health care, overcome TB and HIV/AIDS
      3. Population welfare
      4. Environment
      5. Poverty Alleviation
      6. Prevention of women and children trafficking
      7. Strategy for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management
      8. Sustained Agriculture and Food Security
    4. Towards Regional Integration – ideas for future
      1. Functionalism – trade facilitation
      2. Towards a transparent economic order
    5. SAARC Youth Charter – challenges and success stories
      1. Youth Polices – Evaluating regional trends viz a viz Best global practices
      2. Promoting Entrepreneurship to harness Youth Potential
  4. Concluding Plenary Session - SAARC Cultural Heritage – “Unity in Diversity.”
    1. Inter faith dialogue and free interaction for promotion of tolerance and peace
    2. Bringing Nations and People together through arts, sports and tourism
  5. Declaration - Mentoring Future Leaders - SAARC Young Parliamentarians’ Forum - The Conference will Commit  to formally institutionalize the SAARC Young Parliamentarians Conference as a regular feature as one of the key recommendations of the Young Parliamentarians for the 19th SAARC Summit  to be held in Islamabad, November, 2016.

NOTE: The delegates will be expected to contribute and speak on above mentioned Themes during the Conference. However, the Conference Delegates will be sent Detailed Agenda on receipt of Nominations from respective Parliaments of South Asia Region and confirmations by international experts to the SYPC 2016 Secretariat.


For further details, please do not hesitate to contact:

Malik Muhammad Uzair Khan

Member, National Assembly of Pakistan


1st SAARC Young Parliamentarians Conference, Islamabad, PAKISTAN, 2016

Email: uzairk@gmail.com

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