• Publication Date: Mon, November 6, 2017

    This October, 2017 issue of PIPS Parliamentary Research Digest focuses on the recent preliminary results of the National Census 2017, which has yet again sent the alarm bells ringing the enormous impact the increased population on key provisions and amenities for the citizens. Ever since the last census was conducted (1998), Pakistan's population has increased from 132,362,279 to 207,774,520, recording an increase of 57 percent. A detailed write up tries to record key implications of enhanced population that are multi-faceted and it is bound to affect economic and social daily life of every Pakistani. Absorbing infographics on population, a paper on Pakistan’s strategy to eradicate polio and a piece of evolution and development of the Legislative Assembly of Gilgit Baltistan is also part of this issue. We are really encouraged by the wholesome response and words of appreciation we receive from Honourable Members of Parliament and civil society for the PIPS Research Digest