International Parliamentary Seminar on Kashmir Participants' Folder, 2017

  • Publication Date: Mon, January 9, 2017

    Kashmir remains the unfinished remnant of the agreed partition agenda of Pakistan and India since 1947. This seminar will provide a vital platform to experts, delegates and Parliamentarians to highlight and raise globally the imperative issue of malicious human rights violations and general unrest in Indian occupied Kashmir. Since 1989, no less than 89,000 innocent Kashmiris have fallen to state terrorism by 7 lac Indian troops in occupied Kashmir. Since July 2016, more than 125 killings, injuries by pellet bullets, unabated curfews and denial even to UN agencies to enter the valley is a matter of grave concern. Pakistan has always expressed resilient solidarity with Kashmir and we expect all fellow nations to come together to immediately work for halting unprovoked and contemptible human rights’ desecrations in Kashmir.