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  • Legal Socialization Seminar on Elections Act 2017, October 28, 2017

    Uploaded on Wed, November 1, 2017

    Free and fair Election is a key to strong and representative democracy. To bring this to reality, a Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms (PCER) was constituted, with the mandate to consolidate all the previous electoral laws in one comprehensive Elections Act. The Committee was represented by all the political parties in the National Assembly and the Senate of Pakistan. Based on 1200 proposals from various stakeholders and deliberations in almost 100 ...

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  • Workshop on Leadership Excellence in Parliamentary Committees for the Honourable Chairpersons/Members of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan (September 25-26, 2017)

    Uploaded on Wed, September 27, 2017

    Islamabad, September 25th, 2017. Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) organized a two-day long capacity building event for the Honourable Chairpersons and Officers of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. The objective of the event was to share best parliamentary practices of the Committees’ system and to create awareness about the challenges faced by political leadership in the backdrop of ...

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  • Interactive Session on “Data and Analytics for Policy Success,” Wednesday, 12th July, 2017

    Uploaded on Thu, July 13, 2017

    The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services held an interactive session on “Data and Analytics for Policy Success,” on Wednesday, 12th July 2017 under the auspices of Professor Dr. Asim Ijaz Khwaja. The session was attended by researchers from both National Assembly and the Senate, along with joint secretaries, debate editors as well as several members of the PIPS team. Dr. Asim Ijaz Khwaja is a Professor at the Harvard Kennedy ...

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  • National Workshop on the Role of Public Accounts Committees (PAC) in Effective Oversight, May 10-12, 2017

    Uploaded on Fri, May 12, 2017

    The institute organized a 3 day long National workshop for the honourable members and senior Secretariat officers from the National Parliament, four Provincial Assemblies as well as Legislative Assemblies of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir from May 10-12,2017.  On day one, Former Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Honourable Syed Fakhar Imam made a keynote speech about the significance, evolution, and best practices of Public Accounts Committees ...

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  • Inter-Parliamentary Exchange Visit to Federal Parliament, March 16-17, 2017

    Uploaded on Fri, March 17, 2017

    PIPS in collaboration with DRI organized an inter-parliament exchange visit to the Federal Parliament of Pakistan for 12 honorable members from the four provincial assemblies of the Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh. The trip was spread over two days i.e. 16th – 17th March 2017. During the trip honorable members visited the Parliament and had productive meetings with the Chairman Senate-Honorable Mian Raza Rabbani, The Leader of Opposition – Honorable Syed ...

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  • Exchange Visit of Parliamentarians and Members of Provincial Assemblies to Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, Lahore, January 30-31, 2017

    Uploaded on Tue, January 31, 2017

    An exchange trip was organized in collaboration with Democracy Reporting International for Parliamentarians and Members of Provincial Assemblies to Provincial Assembly of the Punjab from January 30-31, 2017. The agenda was to watch the proceedings of the Punjab Assembly, learn about their best practices and exchange information about the rules of procedure for effective working of the Committees.  This intervention helped the participants identify common challenges where ...

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  • Workshop for Honourable Members of Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly, January 23rd till 27th, 2017

    Uploaded on Fri, January 27, 2017

    A workshop was held for 23 honourable Members of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly, from January 23rd till 27th, 2017 at Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services, Islamabad. Some of the key themes covered during the workshop included the overview and significance of legislative process, conducting non-legislative business effectively for parliamentary oversight, functions and rules of procedure for the working of parliamentary committees and overseeing Budgetary processes in the Assembly. As the Members of ...

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  • Round-table on Pakistani Constitutionalism Today and Human Rights for MPs and Parliamentary Researchers with Dr. Paula Newberg, Thursday, 8th December 2016

    Uploaded on Thu, December 8, 2016

    An interactive session was held at the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services on constitutionalism and human rights for select group of MPs and parliamentary researchers working for individual MPs and parliamentary committees. Dr. Paula Newberg, an international expert on human rights and democracy, was the guest speaker, who conducted an absorbing session. Honourable Senator Rubina Khalid and Honourable MNA Aasiya Nasir, Professor at Western Michigan University Mahendra Lawoti, researchers ...

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  • Exchange Visit of Honorable Members to Provincial Assembly of Sindh, November 24-26, 2016

    Uploaded on Mon, November 28, 2016

    PIPS in collaboration with Democracy Reporting International organized an exchange visit for 15 members from Provincial Assemblies of National Parliament, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab to the Provincial Assembly of Sindh, from November 24-26, 2016. The honorable Members had an interactive dialogue on key issues by means of round table discussions. Participation in formal and informal social and cultural events provided a platform to take home some of the best practices ...

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  • National Workshop on “Federalism and Devolution of Powers” for the Honorable Members (”October 26-28, 2016)

    Uploaded on Mon, October 31, 2016

    A three-day workshop for the Honorable Committee Members was held on “Federalism and Devolution of Powers” at PIPS campus with the collaboration of KAS. The prime objective of the workshop was to enable participants understand the essence of federalism and the devolution of power to the provinces. The workshop was formally inaugurated by Executive Director (PIPS) by Mr. Zafarullah Khan, who welcomed the Honorable Senators, the Members of the ...

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