PIPS Organized Budget Orientation Seminar for Hon'able Members of Federal Parliament on Thursday, 13th June, 2019

  • Publication Date: Fri, June 14, 2019

    An interactive Budget Orientation Seminar was organized for the Honorable Members of Federal Parliament by the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) on Thursday, 13th June, 2019. The event was arranged in PIPS Parliamentarians' Resource Centre, Parliament Lodges to assure maximum participation from the Hon'able Members.

    The event was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. The Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka, gave the opening remarks, welcoming the participants. He introduced the worthy facilitators of the events gave a quick review of the event agenda. 

    The first session was conducted by Dr. Amanat Ali, Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. He deliberated on Key Challenges to Pakistan’s Economy and the Way forward. He highlighted the key issues faced by the economy that hinder economic growth and presented a set of solution. He pointed out that lack of coordination in the monetary policy of State Bank of Pakistan and Government’s fiscal policy is also a major obstacle in the economic development. He stressed that the Government should invest in human development rather than mega infrastructure projects since skilled labor can contribute to economic development assuring sustainable growth.

    The second session was conducted by Dr. Waseem Shahid Malik, the Professor of Economics on SBP Chair. He highlighted the salient features of Finance Bill 2019 and the Budget 2019-20. He focused on 6 pillar strategy presented by the government to stabilize the economy which included; need to manage external deficit, raise export levels, taking concrete steps to reduce government expenditures and investing in projects that could generate more revenue rather than adding to loans. He also pointed out the difference in budgetary allocation and the actual spendings that used to have huge gap in Pakistan, stressing that this practice needs to be discouraged and budget estimates should be implemented in letter and spirit.

    The last session was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Adnan Azeem, Accounts Officer, AGP Islamabad, who briefed the participants on reading and analyzing the budget documents.

    An extensive Q&A session was conducted where the participants asked questions that were thoroughly answered by the worthy panelists. The event was attended by 35 participants including 18 MNAs and 2 Senators. Ms. Tehseen Khalid, Deputy Director Research, PIPS was the moderator of the event. In the end Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka gave vote of thanks. He thanked the participants and the facilitators for making the event interactive and mutually learning exercise for all. He also thanked PIPS PRC staff for active support and coordination in the arrangements of event.