Essentials of Effective Committee Performance for the Honourable Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and Senior Secretariat Officers of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan August 20-21, 2019

  • Publication Date: Thu, September 5, 2019

    Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services organized a two day workshop on “Essentials of Effective Committee Performance” in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Pakistan for the Honourable Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and senior Secretariat officers of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. The objective was to optimize the performance of Committees for effective oversight function and the role they could play to ensure it.

    The event commenced with the recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran followed by  introduction of participants and their input regarding improved functioning of Committees as well as the hurdles they have identified until now. Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka in his welcome remarks highlighted the strategic importance of Balochistan as a province and emphasized on the role of Committees to ensure accountability for every department of the province. He hoped that the two-day workshop will result in valuable recommendations and addition to the entire process of Effective Committee Performance.

    Honorable Senator, Dr. Jahanzeb Jamaldini while sharing his experience on Committees’ best practices stated that the Committees have the authority to ensure accountability and they have greater control over bureaucracy. He further added that, Committees have the power to question inefficient strategic planning on the performance of state institutions.

    Honourable Member and Former Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan, Syed Fakhar Imam highlighted the significance of Standing Committees, their evolution and best practices in the House of Commons. While addressing the participants, he termed the Committees as “mini legislature” and further added that it is the duty of the Members to exercise their authority in order to keep a check on the performance of the Executive.

    He responded to the questions of the participants in an interactive Q&A session.

    Afterwards, the Honourable participants visited the Senate of Pakistan, where they were briefed about the best practices of the standing committees by Additional Secretary, Mr. Hafeezullah Sheikh, followed by a call on with the Honourable Chairman Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani. Honourable Chairman emphasized on the importance of conducting knowledge sharing sessions, participated by legislators from all Assemblies of Pakistan. He further emphasized that PIPS should play its role in creating awareness about the working of parliament and enhancing the outreach of parliamentarians by conducting outreach events with the bureaucracy. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka.