Public Hearing on Civic Education

  • Publication Date: Wed, April 18, 2018

    Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) organized a Public Hearing on the National Civic Education Commission Bill, 2018 on April 12, 2018. The event was chaired by Senator (R)  Ms.Sehar Kamran, who was the mover of the Bill in Senate. The participants of the Public Hearing included Honourable Members of Parliament, representatives of civil society, media persons and academicians. Honourable Senator Sana Jamali and former Senator Ms. Saeeda Iqbal also attended the Hearing. The Public Hearing aimed to highlight the importance of civic education in the country and the role of the proposed legislation in fostering civic education in the country.

    The Director General (Research & Legislation) Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka welcomed the participants of the Public Hearing. He posited that the implementation of any law largely depends on public support and ownership. He pointed out that public hearings play a pivotal role in engaging the concerned stakeholders in a constructive debate and results in better implementation of laws. Commenting on the importance of the National Civic Education Commission Bill, 2018, he stated that the proposed legislation strives to strengthen the democratic values and federalism in the country.

    Honourable former Senator Ms. Sehar Kamran, shared the salient features of the National Civic Edcuation Commission Bill, 2018. She noted that the Bill would play a vital role in shaping an aware and responsible citizenry. The worthy speaker lamented over the youth’s lack of awareness about democracy, constitution and civic responsibilities. The National Civic Education Bill, 2018 aims to inculcate knowledge about constitution, fundamental rights and democratic values in the young generation to foster democracy and responsible citizenry in the country. She highlighted that the Commission established under the Bill would take initiatives to incorporate the constitutional history, importance of democracy, federalism and respect for laws in the national curriculum. She emphasized that a conscious and responsible citizenry is key to strengthening democracy in the country.

    Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Zafarullah Khan, shared his viewpoint on the need for civic education in the country. He pointed out that civic education is not a new phenomenon, rather it is being imparted in many countries. He stressed that the office of citizenship is the most important office in a country, and thus there is a need to set up an institutional framework for imparting civic education to the citizens. He also observed that the absence of civic education has negative implications for the society. A vibrant citizenry is indispensable for a robust democratic order. He apprised the participants that some important initiatives have been taken in Pakistan to promote civic education in the country. He posited that civic education provides a solution to the growing evils of terrorism, extremism and disrespect for laws.               

    Mr. Murtaza Noor, National Coordinator for Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences, apprised the participants about the state, people and fundamental rights. He accentuated that the dispensation of civic education is quintessential for nurturing democratic values and good citizenry. He regretted that the participation of students in democratic processes has become almost extinct. Furthermore, he postulated that dissemination of knowledge about fundamental rights mentioned in the constitution is essential to build a vibrant citizenry and in strengthening democracy in the country. He noted that the introduction of National Civic Education Bill, 2018 is an important step in creating an institutional framework for advancement of civic education in the country. 

    At the conclusion of the Public Hearing, the Executive Director PIPS Mr. Zafarullah Khan thanked all participants for their participation and valuable recommendations.