PIPS Round Table Briefing on Trump Administration: Myths and Realities with Dr. Miriam Golden, with Parliamentary Researchers, June 20, 2017

  • Publication Date: Tue, June 20, 2017

    Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services organized an in Round Table discussion with Dr. Miriam Golden on June 20, 2017. After welcome remarks by Executive Director, PIPS, Professor Dr. Miriam Golden, University of California deliberated on the general misconceptions vs. ground realities related to Trump Administration. Issues discussed were Russian intervention in US politics, US withdrawal from Paris Agreement, increased number of US troops in Afghanistan, general public perception and possibility of impeachment of Trump, recent gulf crisis, Trump`s executive order on immigration and his personal business interests. Around 25 parliamentary researchers from Senate, National Assembly of Pakistan and PIPS faculty members participated in absorbing session breaking the myths that Trump is a majority President. She was of the view that Trump not only lost the popular vote and only got elected due to more electoral college votes in some key States but he generally secured votes of frustrated minority male population who had financially been facing bankruptcy putting blame on foreigners who come to earn living in US. She was also critical of his rather insane stance against the Muslims, Mexican immigrants and women in general.

    Dr Miriam Golden articulated how US President Donald Trump has been a failure as a businessman to a politician and after 100 years of his election he enjoys the approval of only minority of US population which is markedly going down with every passing day. Even the Republican Party heads are in an imbroglio as his policies continue to tarnish party’s stance and standing. Dr Golden was of the view that there is stanch possibility of his impeachment due to alleged Russian support to get elected and arrival of a Democrat as the President. PIPS Dir Research and IT Mr Muhammad Rashid Mafzool Zaka moderated the briefing session organized by PIPS Research wing in collaboration of the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and Inter University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences Pakistan. Dr. Golden showed great interest in services provided by PIPS to the members of Parliament and four provincial as well as two legislative assemblies. The participants also enlightened the guest speaker about the perceptions and concerns of Pakistani public about Trump Administration and its possible implications on international politics and security dynamics of Pakistan with respect to India and Afghanistan. The Session concluded by vote of thanks by Mr. Murtaza Noor, National Coordinator IUCPSSP. The Executive Director presented the Institute’s memento and a set of PIPS publications to Dr Miriam Golden.