Research Digest


    Uploaded on Thu, August 31, 2017

    PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Inaugural Address August 11, 1947 Page 01 Milestones of First Session of Parliament of Pakistan Page 08 OPINION Illegal Wildlife Trade in Pakistan Page 11 ANALYSIS Burhan Wani: New Age of Kashmir Struggle Page 19 CONCEPT Gender Responsive Budgeting Page 23

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  • Parliamentary Research Digest June 2017

    Uploaded on Fri, June 30, 2017

    OPINION: Pakistan’s Indigenous Narrative - an Egalitarian and Happy Society based on Peace, Tolerance and Fraternity Page 01 PARLIAMENTARY BUSINESS: Federal Budget 2017-18 - Demands for Grants and Appropriations Page 07 Senate Recommendations on Budget 2017-18 Page 17

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  • Parliamentary Research Digest May 2017

    Uploaded on Fri, May 19, 2017

    OPINION: Case Study of Pakistan The States, Society and its Statutes Page 01 ANALYSIS: Poverty and Social Sector Challenges in Context of Annual Budget Page 06 ANALYSIS: Whistleblower Protection Laws in Pakistan Page 16 OPINION: Role of Political Inclusiveness in Prosperity of Nations Page 22

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  • Parliamentary Research Digest April 2017

    Uploaded on Wed, April 26, 2017

    ANALYSIS: Sustainable Development Goals (14-17): Challenges and Opportunities Page 01 ANALYSIS: Asset Declaration Laws: A comparison of Pakistan, India,Bangladesh, Bhutan and Philippines Page 11 OPINION: French Presidential Elections 2017-A Prologue Page 19

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  • Research Digest February 2017

    Uploaded on Wed, March 1, 2017

    ANALYSIS: Creating a National Power Architecture for Pakistan Page 01 OPINION: Macroeconomic Conditions of Pakistan and Priority Areas under Annual Budget 2017-18Page 08 OPINION: CPEC: Challenges and Opportunities Page 15 ANALYSIS: Sustainable Development Goals (6-10): Challenges and Opportunities Page 17

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  • Research Digest March 2017

    Uploaded on Mon, April 3, 2017

    PARLIAMENTARY BUSINESS: Harmonization of Rules of Procedures Page 01 ANALYSIS: Sustainable Development Goals (11-13): Challenges and Opportunities Page 05 OPINION: Women Empowerment Initiatives and Strategies to curb Gender Based Violence Page 11 ANALYSIS: From Water Shortage to Water Scarcity Page 15 OPINION: Rights of Minorities and Human Rights in Pakistan Page 22

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  • Research Digest December 2016

    Uploaded on Thu, December 29, 2016

    OPINION: Mohammad Ali Jinnah: An Advocate of Fundamental Rights Page 01 ANALYSIS: Kashmir Issue: A Humanitarian Crisis Page 04 Annual Reports of the Senate and the National Assembly Page 13 ANALYSIS: Lahore Smog: A Consequence of Air Pollution Page 18

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  • Research Digest January 2017

    Uploaded on Thu, January 26, 2017

    OPINION: SDGs and the Parliament Page 01 ANALYSIS: SDGs and their Impact on International Relations Page 03 ANALYSIS: SDGs: Challenges and Opportunities Page 06 PARLIAMENTARY BUSINESS: Report of Expert Hearing on Draft Election Bill 2017 Page 16 OPINION: Urbanization in Pakistan: Trends, drivers and Consequences Page 19

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  • Research Digest November 2016

    Uploaded on Thu, December 1, 2016

    PARLIAMENTARY ANALYSIS FATA Reforms Page 01 POLICY BRIEF Human Rights & Parliament in Pakistan Page 07 Emergence of Judicialization of Politics in Pakistan Page 13 OPINION: Turkey in Comity of Nations Page 18

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  • Research Digest October 2016

    Uploaded on Thu, October 27, 2016

    ANALSIS: Regional Trade Challenges of Pakistan Page 01 OPINION: Geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Page 08 ANALYSIS: Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 in the Light of Provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 Page 15 COMMENT: Interpretation of a Statute Page 19

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Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah preferred Parliamentary authority which allows chosen representatives to take all State decisions as against any dictatorial or aristocratic system.
Total votes: 110